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##Random thinglike things

bees🐝🐝 apiary bees bees apiary 🐝🐝bees apiary bees🐝🐝 apiary apiary 🐝🐝bees apiary bees🐝🐝 did you know that bees? did you know that bees are actually composed of fundamental particles called "apions"? did you know that apions are actually composed of bees? did you know that bees are composed? did you know that bees are apioforms, but the converse is not always true? did you know that the converse is currently in containment at HTech™️ propositional site 39-βρ☭? did you know that "did you know that x" is a trend which harms society? did you know that swarms of bees approach rapidly? did you know that information about your opinions, blood type and nearest 4(five) status light colours are being streamed to nearby apiaries as we speak? did you know we've been speaking this whole time? did you know that the colour blue cannot be considered to rotate when under the influence of sufficiently strong gollarious magnetism?`