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In the interest of transparency and/or being vaguely useful, I'm releasing random junk from my projects folder publicly. This comes with absolutely no guarantee of support or correct function, although if you need some of this for something I will try and answer any queries you might have.

Contents (incomplete and rough list)

  • some interpreters for esolangs due to events on the esolangs discord
  • bad assembly hello world for some reason
  • political compass visualizer thing for one Discord server
  • simple un-hexadecimal-izer program (base64 -d exists but somehow not base16 -d or something)
  • scripts for packing music + metadata onto Computronics (a Minecraft mod) tape images
  • some thing to generate WAV files containing beeping noises
  • fairly transferable small bits of an abandoned JS project
  • an extremely bad and/or unfinished cookie clicker thing where you press the enter key instead of clicking
  • a very simple web API wrapper for luamin
  • some bodged old version of it-was-inevitable which runs a local webserver instead of sending to Mastodon
  • an extremely cursed program which bruteforces regexes or something?
  • realtau.txt, which seemingly contains 100000 digits of τ. I wonder if there's a faketau somewhere.
  • some weird thing which lets you use synonyms to get attributes on python objects
  • something which generates random vaguely human readable names in Elm. Please note that I do NOT endorse the use of Elm and this is provided mostly just to make the languages list at the side weirder.
  • F# kerbal name generator & very basic stack calculator
  • importer part of an unfinished wikipedia database dump viewer
  • - Python-based systemwide push to talk (mutes and unmutes microphone via PulseAudio) with tray icon