Add support for the NO_COLOR environment variable.

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@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
## Unreleased - ???
- Support the `NO_COLOR` environment variable to turn off VT100 color codes in repl (and in scripts).
- Disallow using `(splice x)` in contexts where it doesn't make sense rather than silently coercing to `x`.
- Change the names of `:user8` and `:user9` sigals to `:interrupt` and `:await`
- Change the names of `:user8` and `:user9` fiber statuses to `:interrupted` and `:suspended`.

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@ -183,6 +183,10 @@ default repl.
.BR \-n
Disable ANSI colors in the repl. Has no effect if no repl is run.
.BR \-N
Enable ANSI colors in the repl. Has no effect if no repl is run.
.BR \-r
Open a REPL (Read Eval Print Loop) after executing all sources. By default, if Janet is called with no
@ -268,5 +272,11 @@ This variable does nothing in the default configuration of Janet, as PRF is disa
cannot be defined for this variable to have an effect.
Turn off color by default in the repl and in the error handler of scripts. This can be changed at runtime
via dynamic bindings *err-color* and *pretty-format*, or via the command line parameters -n and -N.
Written by Calvin Rose <>

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@ -3855,6 +3855,7 @@
(if-let [jp (getenv-alias "JANET_PATH")] (setdyn *syspath* jp))
(if-let [jprofile (getenv-alias "JANET_PROFILE")] (setdyn *profilepath* jprofile))
(set colorize (not (getenv-alias "NO_COLOR")))
(defn- get-lint-level
@ -3883,6 +3884,7 @@
-c source output : Compile janet source code into an image
-i : Load the script argument as an image file instead of source code
-n : Disable ANSI color output in the REPL
-N : Enable ANSI color output in the REPL
-l lib : Use a module before processing more arguments
-w level : Set the lint warning level - default is "normal"
-x level : Set the lint error level - default is "none"
@ -3898,6 +3900,7 @@
"i" (fn [&] (set expect-image true) 1)
"k" (fn [&] (set compile-only true) (set exit-on-error false) 1)
"n" (fn [&] (set colorize false) 1)
"N" (fn [&] (set colorize true) 1)
"m" (fn [i &] (setdyn *syspath* (in args (+ i 1))) 2)
"c" (fn c-switch [i &]
(def path (in args (+ i 1)))