Make jpm configurable for environments like MinGW.

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@ -10,6 +10,10 @@ All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
- Remove the `tarray` module. The functionality of typed arrays will be moved to an external module
that can be installed via `jpm`.
- Add `from-pairs` to core.
- Add `JPM_OS_WHICH` environment variable to jpm to allow changing auto-detection behavior.
- The flychecker will consider any top-level calls of functions that start with `define-` to
be safe to execute and execute them. This allows certain patterns (like spork/path) to be
better processed by the flychecker.
## 1.15.5 - 2021-04-25
- Add `declare-headers` to jpm.

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@ -234,7 +234,7 @@ See the examples directory for some example janet code.
## Discussion
Feel free to ask questions and join the discussion on the [Janet Gitter Channel](
Alternatively, check out [the #janet channel on Freenode](
Gitter provides Matrix and irc bridges as well.
## FAQ
@ -246,8 +246,35 @@ will not. If your terminal does not support ANSI escape codes, run the REPL with
the `-n` flag, which disables color output. You can also try the `-s` if further issues
## Why Janet
### Where is (favorite feature from other language)?
It may exist, it may not. If you want to propose major language features, go ahead and open an issue, but
they will likely by closed as "will not implement". Often, such features make one usecase simpler at the expense
of 5 others by making the language more complicated.
### Where is the example code?
In the examples directory.
### Is this a Clojure port?
No. It's similar to Clojure superficially because I like Lisps and I like the asthetics.
Internally, Janet is not at all like Clojure.
### Are the immutable data structures (tuples and structs) implemented as hash tries?
No. They are immutable arrays and hash tables. Don't try and use them like Clojure's vectors
and maps, instead they work well as table keys or other identifiers.
### Why can't we add (feature from Clojure) into the core?
Usually, one of a few reasons:
- Often, it already exists in a different form and the Clojure port would be redundant.
- Clojure programs often generate a lot of garbage and rely on the JVM to clean it up.
Janet does not run on the JVM. We admittedly have a much more primitive GC.
- We want to keep the Janet core small. With Lisps, usually a feature can be added as a library
without feeling "bolted on", especially when compared to ALGOL like languages.
## Why is it called "Janet"?
Janet is named after the almost omniscient and friendly artificial being in [The Good Place](
<img src="" alt="Janet logo" width="115px" align="left">

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@ -6,14 +6,21 @@
# Basic Path Settings
# Windows is the OS outlier
(def- is-win (= (os/which) :windows))
(def- is-mac (= (os/which) :macos))
(def- sep (if is-win "\\" "/"))
(def- objext (if is-win ".obj" ".o"))
(def- modext (if is-win ".dll" ".so"))
(def- statext (if is-win ".static.lib" ".a"))
(def- absprefix (if is-win "C:\\" "/"))
# Allow changing the behavior via an environment variable
(def- host-os (keyword (string/ascii-lower (os/getenv "JPM_OS_WHICH" (os/which)))))
(defn- define-utils
(def is-win (= host-os :windows))
(defglobal 'is-win is-win)
(defglobal 'is-mac (= host-os :macos))
(def sep (if is-win "\\" "/"))
(defglobal 'sep sep)
(defglobal 'objext (if is-win ".obj" ".o"))
(defglobal 'modext (if is-win ".dll" ".so"))
(defglobal 'statext (if is-win ".static.lib" ".a"))
(defglobal 'absprefix (if is-win "C:\\" "/")))
# Defaults
@ -58,6 +65,9 @@
# Redefine utils in case the above section is overriden on some installs.
(compwhen (not (dyn 'extra-lflags))
(def- extra-lflags []))
@ -370,7 +380,7 @@
# flags needed for the janet binary and compiling standalone
# executables.
(def janet-lflags
(case (os/which)
(case host-os
:macos ["-ldl" "-lm" ;thread-flags ;extra-lflags]
:windows [;thread-flags ;extra-lflags]
:linux ["-lm" "-ldl" "-lrt" ;thread-flags ;extra-lflags]

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@ -269,5 +269,30 @@ An optional path to a git executable to use to clone git dependencies. By defaul
if you have a normal install of git.
Use this option to override the C compiler and build system auto-detection for the host operating system. For example, set this
environment variable to "posix" to make sure that on platforms like MinGW, you will use GCC instead of MSVC. On most platforms, users will not need to
set this environment variable. Set this to one of the following
\- windows
\- macos
\- linux
\- freebsd
\- openbsd
\- netbsd
\- bsd
\- posix
Written by Calvin Rose <>

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@ -3315,7 +3315,11 @@
[thunk source env where]
(when (tuple? source)
(def head (source 0))
(def safe-check (safe-forms head))
(def safe-check
(safe-forms head)
(if (symbol? head)
(if (string/has-prefix? "define-" head) is-safe-def))))
# Sometimes safe form
(function? safe-check)