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@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ For changes to the VM and Core code, you will probably need to know C. Janet is
a subset of C99 that works with Microsoft Visual C++. This means most of C99 but with the following
* No `restrict`
* No `restrict`
* Certain functions in the standard library are not always available
In practice, this means programming for both MSVC on one hand and everything else on the other.
@ -64,6 +64,23 @@ ensure a consistent code style for C.
All janet code in the project should be formatted similar to the code in core.janet.
The auto formatting from janet.vim will work well.
## Typo Fixing and One-Line changes
Typo fixes are welcome, as are simple one line fixes. Do not open many separate pull requests for each
individual typo fix. This is incredibly annoying to deal with as someone needs to review each PR, run
CI, and merge. Instead, accumulate batches of typo fixes into a single PR. If there are objections to
specific changes, these can be addressed in the review process before the final merge, if the changes
are accepted.
Similarly, low effort and bad faith changes are annoying to developers and such issues may be closed
immediately without response.
## Contributions from Automated Tools
People making changes found or generated by automated tools MUST note this when opening an issue
or creating a pull request. This can help give context to developers if the change/issue is
confusing or nonsensical.
## Suggesting Changes
To suggest changes, open an issue on GitHub. Check GitHub for other issues