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@rem Build janet on windows
@rem Open a "Windows SDK Command Shell" and cd to the janet directory
@rem Then run this script with no arguments to build the executable
@echo off
@rem Ensure correct command prompt
@if not defined INCLUDE goto :BADCMD
@rem Sub commands
@if "%1"=="help" goto HELP
@if "%1"=="clean" goto CLEAN
@if "%1"=="test" goto TEST
@if "%1"=="dist" goto DIST
@if "%1"=="install" goto INSTALL
@if "%1"=="all" goto ALL
@rem Set compile and link options here
@rem Example use asan
@rem set JANET_COMPILE=cl /nologo /Isrc\include /Isrc\conf /c /O2 /W3 /D_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS /MD /fsanitize=address /Zi
@rem set JANET_LINK=link /nologo clang_rt.asan_dynamic-x86_64.lib clang_rt.asan_dynamic_runtime_thunk-x86_64.lib
@set JANET_COMPILE=cl /nologo /Isrc\include /Isrc\conf /c /O2 /W3 /D_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS /MD
@set JANET_LINK=link /nologo
@set JANET_LINK_STATIC=lib /nologo
@rem Add janet build tag
if not "%JANET_BUILD%" == "" (
if not exist build mkdir build
if not exist build\core mkdir build\core
if not exist build\c mkdir build\c
if not exist build\boot mkdir build\boot
@rem Build the bootstrap interpreter
for %%f in (src\core\*.c) do (
%JANET_COMPILE% /DJANET_BOOTSTRAP /Fobuild\boot\%%~nf.obj %%f
@if not errorlevel 0 goto :BUILDFAIL
for %%f in (src\boot\*.c) do (
%JANET_COMPILE% /DJANET_BOOTSTRAP /Fobuild\boot\%%~nf.obj %%f
@if not errorlevel 0 goto :BUILDFAIL
%JANET_LINK% /out:build\janet_boot.exe build\boot\*.obj
@if not errorlevel 0 goto :BUILDFAIL
build\janet_boot . > build\c\janet.c
@rem Build the sources
%JANET_COMPILE% /Fobuild\janet.obj build\c\janet.c
@if not errorlevel 0 goto :BUILDFAIL
%JANET_COMPILE% /Fobuild\shell.obj src\mainclient\shell.c
@if not errorlevel 0 goto :BUILDFAIL
@rem Build the resources
rc /nologo /fobuild\janet_win.res janet_win.rc
@rem Link everything to main client
%JANET_LINK% /out:janet.exe build\janet.obj build\shell.obj build\janet_win.res
@if not errorlevel 0 goto :BUILDFAIL
@rem Build static library (libjanet.lib)
%JANET_LINK_STATIC% /out:build\libjanet.lib build\janet.obj
@if not errorlevel 0 goto :BUILDFAIL
echo === Successfully built janet.exe for Windows ===
echo === Run 'build_win test' to run tests. ==
echo === Run 'build_win clean' to delete build artifacts. ===
exit /b 0
@rem Not using correct command line
@echo You must open a "Visual Studio .NET Command Prompt" to run this script
exit /b 1
@rem Show help
@echo Usage: build_windows [subcommand=clean,help,test,dist]
@echo Script to build janet on windows. Must be run from the Visual Studio
@echo command prompt.
exit /b 0
@rem Clean build artifacts
del *.exe *.lib *.exp
rd /s /q build
if exist dist (
rd /s /q dist
exit /b 0
@rem Run tests
for %%f in (test/suite*.janet) do (
janet.exe test\%%f
@if not errorlevel 0 goto TESTFAIL
exit /b 0
@rem Build a dist directory
mkdir dist
janet.exe tools\gendoc.janet > dist\doc.html
janet.exe tools\removecr.janet dist\doc.html
janet.exe tools\removecr.janet build\c\janet.c
copy build\c\janet.c dist\janet.c
copy src\mainclient\shell.c dist\shell.c
copy janet.exe dist\janet.exe
copy README.md dist\README.md
copy janet.lib dist\janet.lib
copy janet.exp dist\janet.exp
copy janet.def dist\janet.def
janet.exe tools\patch-header.janet src\include\janet.h src\conf\janetconf.h build\janet.h
copy build\janet.h dist\janet.h
copy build\libjanet.lib dist\libjanet.lib
@rem Create installer
janet.exe -e "(->> janet/version (peg/match ''(* :d+ `.` :d+ `.` :d+)) first print)" > build\version.txt
janet.exe -e "(print (os/arch))" > build\arch.txt
set /p JANET_VERSION= < build\version.txt
set /p BUILDARCH= < build\arch.txt
) else (
if defined CI (
set WIXBIN="c:\Program Files (x86)\WiX Toolset v3.11\bin\"
) else (
%WIXBIN%candle.exe tools\msi\janet.wxs -arch %BUILDARCH% -out build\
%WIXBIN%light.exe "-sice:ICE38" -b tools\msi -ext WixUIExtension build\janet.wixobj -out janet-%RELEASE_VERSION%-windows-%BUILDARCH%-installer.msi
exit /b 0
@rem Run the installer. (Installs to the local user with default settings)
FOR %%a in (janet-*-windows-*-installer.msi) DO (
@echo Running Installer %%a...
%%a /QN
exit /b 0
@rem build, test, dist, install. Useful for local dev.
call %0 build
@if errorlevel 1 exit /b 1
call %0 test
@if errorlevel 1 exit /b 1
call %0 dist
@if errorlevel 1 exit /b 1
call %0 install
@if errorlevel 1 exit /b 1
@echo Done!
exit /b 0
@echo *******************************************************
@echo *** Tests FAILED -- Please check the error messages ***
@echo *******************************************************
exit /b 1
@rem Build failed
@echo *******************************************************
@echo *** Build FAILED -- Please check the error messages ***
@echo *******************************************************
exit /b 1